Thursday, 25 May 2017

Cpec may create problems in indo -pak realations:ESCAP

 UN's economic and social commission for asia and pacific(ESCAP) says that project made by the Chinese Investment in the region of pok (pakistan occupied kashmir)may give a fire in the relations of india and pakistan relations.

Althogh this project will give an opportunity to development and easy trade in the asian countries like India,Iran,Afghanistan and others.

Despite of all this it can be also boycotted by the balochis movement and the opposition in pakistan. India has already boycotted the CPEC project by not taking part in the BRI summit in Beijing.

In addition, hazaras are the minority of concern, if the benifits of proposed CPEC are reaped by large conglomerates,might they will be marginalised ," the report cautioned. 
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