Thursday, 25 May 2017

Girl return to india after court interfears

An indian girl named,Uzma returned to india after while the court allows her to leave.
she alleges that she was been forced by a pakistani man on a gunpoint to marry him.

Islamabad court give orders to government to send her back to his nation. she was been escorted by the pakistani security officials for border crossing and she is expected to reach her home in delhi later  the day.

 India's foreign minister m/s sushma swaraj tweeted" welcome home india's daughter.i am sorry for that for all you have gone through'
 On 12 May,she filed an appeal to the Islamabad high court 'blaming the man for Harrasing and Humiliating her. she quotes'her husband has taken his travel documents and not allowing to go back to India.
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